As well as being a great way for kids to collaborate within our school, Voicethread is a great way to collaborate with people or classes overseas in different timezones. Voices are recorded in discussion around an image or video. Students can use it to present their inquiries - it provides a forum where they can present and discuss with others in our school as well as elsewhere.

Here are some instructions for setting up the sound for Voicethread - or ask Linda:

(thanks to Karl Schaefer on //Voicethread for Educators ning//)

Michelle, Jane and the Preps communicated with a class in the US via Voicethread.
(They used a laptop and used the movie record button in Voicethread, rather than just record voice).

Edna created a Voicethread that her whole class contributed to:

Des's class collaborated with a Year 4 class in the UK via this Voicethread.
You can see it embedded on
their class blog as well.

We have bought 200 user licences for Voicethread. If you want to use it, speak to Linda or Edna.
If you have a licence, you can view all the Scopus Voicethreads here

See this Voicethread wiki for ideas

Here are some files to help you (thanks to the Voicethread wiki above):

These are the instructions for embedding a voicethread example in a wiki:
On the editing page, in the editing bar, you click embed widget, select ‘other html’ and paste the code which was copied from the voicethread (under share - embed voicethread)