You can easily create slideshows to share photos. Slideshows can be embedded in a wiki or blog, or emailed eg to parents.

This is an example of a slideshow created to show the learning in Des's class:

Slideshow: Understanding Culture - Slideshow

You can see it embedded in her class wiki:

There are various websites for slideshow creation. Two I like are **Kizoa** and **Photopeach**.

If you want to turn a PowerPoint presentation into a slideshow, go to **Slideboom**.

Before creating a slideshow it is a good idea to reduce the size of your photos - go to the resizing images page for instructions.

Here is a slideshow giving instructions on using Kizoa. I created it in Powerpoint, then uploaded the file to Slideboom so I could embed it here.

Here is the actual slideshow from Kizoa:

Photopeach follows the same process - it gives an alternative spiralling slideshow. Both Kizoa and Photopeach allow you to add music.